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Week 2 of story

When deciding on ideas to change jack and the beanstalk i got the idea of the characters knowing that they are in a story from watching the film deadpool. I explored the idea more and thought of instead of the character thinking it as just nothing, I was thinking in stead of having it as a living hell so they would want to escape.

More ideas then came to my head like adding another main character and making them complete opposites for more possibilities.

The characters that I made have a lot in common with me, I can be down and sarcastic but sometimes I could be cheerful and look on the bright side of things, I would say that the time I spend in both sides are about the same.

I was thinking about giving one of them a pet but I couldn’t find much use in doing that.

When thinking about how I would add interaction in the story I designed on having the people reading pick the ending. I wanted Nile ( one of the main characters) to be a good guys who’s not all nice so people can have different opinions about wether he deserves a good or bad ending. 
I designed that the stop motion would be at the at the climax to the end to make it more exciting

week 6 of book

  • this week I have been catching up and experimenting with different things
  • to help organise myself for the week I make a list of ting that could do for the day so I don’t get loss for what I need to do
  • Ive changed some mistakes on the first 2 acts
  • I’ve finished my first version of  act 3
  • img_24161

week 5 of story

during this week I’ve been designing different front covers and page designs for my story.

ive looked up different front covers to see what would grab a readers interest, some cover gave away hardly anything to do with the story but some give hints to what the story could be. I wanted to do what the second grope of books did and give hints to the story, I desides because the characters are the main focus I will let them take center stage on the front cover and let the plot be told through the title

when comes to the page design I want it to look normal the there will be drawings about what’s going on at the side of the text but also have the pictures interact with the text in away so it looks like they are alive in the pages

I was also looking to make a logo and started looking at logos that use text, pictures and ones that use both but for now I haven’t got an idea on how to make it look different and rememberable.

week 1 of book

  • for week 1 I was researching other story’s ( mainly fairy-tales) to see how there are a lot of different versions of them that change a lot and a little
  • this help to give people an idea of what they could do with the story we would pick, which it did for me.
  • this gave me a great idea of how so much and so little changes in the story can lead to something extremely different, it also made me think what kind of changes would I like to make in my story.
  • for week 1 I also had to pick a fairy-tale to make in my own style, I decided to go with the classic tale of jack and the beanstalk  after turning down story’s like Aladdin, the boy who cried wolf, three billy goats gruff and the goose that lays the golden eggs. the goose that lays the golden eggs was original choice but I decided to change it to jack and the beanstalk because I felt I could make a bigger story out of it

story front covers



front-cover (the front cover that I will be using)

the one minute story

story 1

once apot a time tom was writing on a peace of paper about what hes doing right now which was probably not the best idea but this is what came to his head first so there’s not much tom could do about it because he had already written all of this crap down


story 2

some sweaty sailors sailed across the smoove seas to capture sea creaters so their familys could eat, but then suddenly a shark arrived and ate bill, poor bill



fairy tales


first version of music video


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