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jack and Niles creation

After making the music video I doodled a lot of characters with different emotions, I drew Nile as a disappointment character and gave him black but by giving him black hair it was hard to see his eyebrows so I made them much thicker, this really stuck with me as he was very unique compared to the other drawings. The first version of this story I wanted Nile to go around the story and make fun of it but it wouldn’t really make sense of how he got here and why is he making fun of the story, so I came up with the idea that he was trapped and wanted a chance to be in his own story because as of now this is the first time he’s been in a story. I added Lucas to the story so there could be two opposites working together ( his name is Lucas but I made him jack because he would be happy if he belonged here instead of showing up like Nile did). Lucas was the emotion of random and overly happy when First made him, his hair represented a explosion which I thought fit because of his wild personality. The final major change I made that that there needed to be a rival to Nile and because making a new character all together would wast time and because I only about 500 word to work with so I made Lucus the twist villain and it fit perfectly because this is his story and Nile is trying to get rid of it ( in Lucas’s point of view). When making the ending I wanted Nile to not be complete right with what he’s done so that people will choose the bad ending as much as the good ending. After making this story I can definitely say that they have both grown as characters.


For this project I created a story with stop motion parts and interactivity.

 I did it by creating characters, researching fairytales, coming up with ideas for each act, taking pictures fame by fame, storyboarding and setting up different ending for people to choose from. 

The skills that I have discovered and improved are story telling, voice acting, story page backgrounds, green screen,calculating movements frame by frame in stop motion and creating digital backgrounds with adobe illustrator

Most of the skills I leant were about the stop motion but I did learn a lot when making the story itself.

What worked was how I equal devided enough time to work on everything that I added to the project I worked on.

What I felt like didn’t work was how I added things that were not important and I could have worked more on other things instead, for example I focused a lot of time on the logos, created a into page that did nothing but have my name and the main characters using shapes in power point and made the stop motion longer then it needed to be, even though it took up way too much time I’m glad that I built because it gave me a chance to use new programs for backgrounds, build with new materials.

What I would do differently would be to drop out parts that i felt wasted time and focus it into useful thinks link improving the book images ( because they were rushed to make the dead line on time and I didn’t have time to make them digital like I originally wanted them to be)

I’ve learnt to focus on the main idea without going off track and adding things that doesn’t make a big difference 

stop motion

For the stop motion I used different coloured clay for the characters. I used leaves, coloured paper , cardboard, cardboard tubes and a background I made in adobe illustrator. The music I used was for the videos and For the voices I played Nile and jack and Dave turner played the narrator. The clips used were from the video The interactive part of my story was choosing your own ending.

week 10 of book

For this week I finally finished the stop motion and edited it as well so I could upload it on time, I also made the pictures for the pages which I would personally say that I rushed a bit because of the lack of time . The final thing I did was finish all of the blogs and the evaluation . Out of all of this the stop motion took the longest and I really with that I put more focus into the pictures other then ( for example) the logo that I made for the book, I was looking at what made them stand out but in the end I put more time into something that wouldn’t affect anything.

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