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final product

.Animation takes months to make but years to master, and I can say that I will definitely return to without worrying about extremely short deadlines.

Sound affects I made in the last minuet include hitting my metal bed frame to have the sound affect of Lucas running into a pole

Hitting a cardboard box to have the sound affect of Lucas missing the button and hitting an wii remote button for the sound effect of Lucas hitting the button.

on the video you can also have subtitles by clicking on subtitles/closed captions


weekly reflective blog

Week 1: When making the question I definitely should have planned it out more and finish my pitch because  if I managed to get everything ready I would have I would have had the proper 10 weeks to work on the project as I didn’t do much for week 2 and 3.

Week 2: For this week I should have done more, although their was still a chance that if I did work before the pitch it would be wasted because I would need the people I was pitching to for them to say that I could do the project it still would have worked out if I worked straight away because I could have shared my progress if the idea was scrapped and because it wasn’t scrapped  it really could have saved me a bit of time.

Week 3:  I thought I made really good progress this week as I done what I should have done in week two. I listed ideas and came up with a fun story I wanted to tell, characters I wanted to use and much more, id say this was a successful week as it also helped me with the pitch.

Week 4: Id say I did ok with my research but I feel like I should have picked the odd ones out way of story telling animation because its easier to know about the person who made it because in the eddsworld style people can get confused about what parts are true or not without research.

Week 5: When making the script I felt like I put in too many of my experiences with the train station which can make people confused and it adds pointless moments in the animation. the bad thing is that although these moments in my life are true, no one would know as I don’t talk about them or post about theses stories on social medias (which is also a good reason why I should have stuck with the odd ones out stile of story telling animation).

Week 6: For this week I managed to learn a lot about the 2 programs flash cs6 and audacity which it good because I can use them skills in the future, other then that I managed to get a good start on the animation.

Week 7: Because I only had 4 weeks to animate I kind kept worrying and I wished that I just continued instead of worrying because I only had time to work on my animation for a few days because of a English exam I had coming and I needed it use that time right instead of panicking.

Week 8: This week was a big improvement over the previous week as I just shut up and got to work without worrying but I still had to revise for another English exam which also made me lose time to work but sadly I lost my data for a days worth of work so I ended up doing about the same as week seven.

Week 9: I managed to get a lot of stuff done this week which I’m happy for as one of the sad things though is that that audio did play properly but when I redid the audio I found out the problem so everything worked out well. I did a lot of the animation as well two but I knew that it wouldn’t be 100% complete by the end of week ten.

Week 10: This week I was happy with as even thought I didn’t get everything done with my animation, I still learned a lot about different programs and how to improve in the future. The animation was unfinished because the backgrounds were not done and I didn’t get to have people react and do the questionnaire because of time constraints but if I stopped working on my animation to have enough time to do the questionnaire the animation wouldn’t look that good and it would be hard to tell what’s going on so I just continued on making animation. I learned about a program that was new to me called adobe premiere pro and I think it was good from me to learn how to use it because I lean more skills and the only movie making program that I knew how to use as the time was movie maker which didn’t have much to do on it.




cut content for fmp (updated)

4 things were cut when making the fmp

the first thing cut was that I was originally going to research 3 animators instead of 2, the 3rd YouTuber was egoraptor but he would have been much harder to research

the second thing to be cut was that I was gonna make a video in the style of the odd ones out but I only got around to writing a short script and recording some of the audio. sadly the audio file  stopped working on week 9 with all the other audio files  IMG_4158

the 3rd thing cut was a more detailed design of the characters. even though the characters design was already updated to include necks, I wanted to experiment and make a design that I like with had more detail on it, it included more detail on clothing , noses and more realistic eyes but it couldn’t make it into the animation because it was the beginning of week 8 and I would have to redo a lot and would make me end up with hardly anything  by week 10

The 4th thing cut was that I wanted more voice actors besides myself but it took to much time to find people who wanted to do it and explain everything to them so it just ended up being my bad acting voicing all the characters 



the last thing cut was that I was going to do a questionnaire so I could ask people questions that relate to the fmp question but it got cut do to the lack of time

the references to real life

Lucas being twenty minutes late was inspired by how my bother was always about that late to get ready to leave the house which always made me miss the train.

Lucas playing his side whistle annoying loud was inspired by how my brother would sing songs in the car so loud that it just sounded like screaming

Nile putting his train ticket in the wrong way in  the ticket reading machine is a simple mistake I always do from time to time

the story when tom puts his ticket into the machine is a real life thing that happened to me where I was so confused why the gate wasn’t opening but it turned out the was a pout of order sign on the wrong side of the gate

there is a reference to Canterbury college and three of my friends who also go there (zander, ben and alex)

the part where an employee tells the 3 characters the wrong train to go on is a true story.


on Toms phone while his sitting down the phone is an hour late which is a reference to how my phone was always an hour late because I kept forgetting to change it and on the phone is a doodle of the really early version of tom when I first made him as a stickman


pitch videos:

research: Eddsworld fan and official Wikipedia pages
Eddsworld youtube channel
Eddsworld facebook and twitter
The odds one out fan wikipedia
The odds one out youtube
The odds one out facebook and twitter

music for the animation:






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